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I am a composer and guitarist based in Leeds, UK.

My recent music is concerned with simple materials, even simpler processes, unfixed structures, clowning, and experimental notations – these elements balance to varying degrees in any given piece but are usually all present. More generally my music also tends to be quiet and slow, without the need for much rehearsal or training.

My scores are available free on this site, and all independently-released recordings are available pay-what-you-like via my Bandcamp. There's a donation link on my "scores" page and I have a patreon, too, but all of my work is without a paywall; donating doesn't access any "exclusive content" but supports me in continuing to make things and keep them freely available.

Current composing, playing, and researching interests include: language; études; clowns; "the same"; bias; lines; arches; moiré.

For all enquiries email me at james-m-creed(at)outlook(dot)com


photo by Eivind Sorgenfryd

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