I am a composer and guitarist working with experimental notations and simple materials.

My practice owes a lot to community music, informed both by the prior practices and writings of others and by my own work in supporting community music education projects. Following this, most of my music is intended to have minimal assumptions of labour or training, presenting familiar materials in a way that could be assembled with little rehearsal, outlining a site of play as much as any communication of a "piece". As such, realisations of my scores vary greatly and are as informed by the personalities of those that play them as they are by anything I write, but they do tend to sound quiet and slow. I don't know how successful all of that is in practice and I definitely go down the rabbit hole every now and then - some of my recent scores are as much about their own score-ness as any thing-to-do-ness - but thinking about it is at the heart of most of what I do.

Current composing, playing, and researching interests beyond the above include: the embodiment of notation in moments of reading; deconstruction in experimental notation; études; hauntologies in contemporary experimental music; edition theory and the translation of a score into other notation forms (staff to text etc.); musicking; clowning in contemporary performance.

Most of my scores are available free/pay-what-you-like on this site, all independently released recordings are available pay-what-you-can via my Bandcamp, and I am available for individual study or consultation in composition and guitar with flexible rates. I have set up a Patreon (see button below) for those who wish to support my work to provide small, monthly donations if they are in a financial  position to do so. All of my work is without a paywall, and so this doesn't access any "exclusive content", but supports me in continuing to make things and keep them freely available.

I am currently working mostly in Leeds and London, and am pursuing masters studies in composition at the University of Leeds funded by the Head of School Excellence scholarship.

My pronouns are he/him.

For all enquiries please email me at james-m-creed@outlook.com

Soundcloud/Twitter/Instagram: jamesmcreed


photo by Sam Walton